Schoonraad Family – Family Session 2017

One of the biggest privileges I have as a Lifestyle Photographer is being a part of a families journey.  I have known the Schoonraad family for years and have been with them through Maternity, New Born, Christening and Birthday sessions.

To see their family expand, and the kids grow into beautiful little girls is such an amazing honor.

For their session we headed out to Sakkies Farm Yard in Casterbridge.  So much fun and laughter filled this morning!

Elvis Blue – Kaal – Innibos 2017

There is only one word to describe this production… AMAZING!

This artist is one of the best Songwriters out here, he has such a charming stage personality one cannot help but be mesmerized by him.

I had the privilege of capturing some of the moments of his current stage production “Kaal”.  It is raw with emotion, talent and he lays it all out there on stage for the audience to absorb.

Below are some of the images I took during the production.

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Kruger Wedding – 2017 – Hazyview

Love is one of life’s most precious gifts.  It is one of the reasons I am so passionate about my job.  I cherish being a part of a couples journey, capturing their emotions for them to keep forever.

I had the privilege of capturing Tobias and Elet on a glorious day, shared with their relatives and friends who came from all corners to join in celebrating the fact that these two found in each other, the perfect harmony.

Wit both of them involved in music in some way, the wedding was bound to be something special.  I couldn’t believe it when Tobias played the wedding processional music himself.

The details of the day, were created with so much love by family and friends, from the Candelabras, to the bridesmaid dresses and the gorgeous cheese tower cake.  It truly was a day to be remembered by all.

I feel so blessed to have been a part of it.


Wiltshire Family Session 2017 – Nelspruit Lifestyle Photographer

Wiltshire-54My wonderful grandmother always says, “Close your eyes and take a picture in your mind of this moment, then you can cherish it forever.”  I am so grateful to be in this business, the business of freezing moments for my Clients, moments they can look back on, and remember fondly.  Moments where they can see how big their little ones have gotten and how their family has grown.

I captured the Wiltshire family for the first time when James was barely a month old.  I had just started my full-time photography career and was so honored that they trusted me with this important memory.  Now I see how the kids have grown, and I am thankful that I am able to capture them again a year later.  Forming part of the celebration of James and my business’s first birthday!

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First blog post

Wow, what a journey it has been so far.  From the days of starting my course at the Photography Institute, to deciding to resign from my day job to pursue my dream, to here where I am now.  11 Months in and loving every minute of it.

I have been constantly amazed by the support I have received in following my dream.  I want to take this opportunity to thank every single person who has played such an important role in my pursuit.  Firstly my heavenly farther, thank you for always providing, even when I didn’t understand the means.  For my grandmother for believing in me and helping me get my start.  My Parents, thank you for always being there for me and for providing me every opportunity I could ask for.  My wonderful husband and kids, without your love and constant support I would not have come this far.  Thank you for always being my personal cheerleaders.  My in-laws, thank you for always offering advice and praise when I need it.  My friends near and far, thank you for supporting my business, being models when needed and referring every single person you knew.  It means more to me than words could tell.  Lastly I would like to thank my Clients,  without you I would not be able to live my dream, thank you for allowing me into your lives, and thank you for building a relationship with me.

Here’s to all the blog posts to come, with all the gorgeous images and wonderful moments captured.